Friday, February 29, 2008

After Ringo - Comics Legend

I can spot a Mike Wieringo drawing from a mile away. Something about the lines of his artwork and the hair and the shoes that his characters wear and the shape of noses and the list goes on and on. The thing is: I'm not even sure these characteristics are what really make the art stand out to me. Maybe it's all these little bits of perfection put into one big picture. Whatever it is, Wieringo's art made a huge impression on me. I've wondered for a long time if I could capture a similar look. Just for practice I drew the sketch pictured here with Mike Wieringo's self-portrait as a reference. The four or five areas with bolder lines and the hair really seem to be Ringo-ish. Some people apparently complained about Mike's artwork being too cartoonish (he mentioned this in an interview before he passed away) but that look really appeals to me. I don't think artists should lift another's style or work too hard to make theirs match someone else's; but I hope that as I continue drawing, the influence of Mike Wieringo's artwork shows through in some of my art.

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