Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Art That Inspires

I don't have time to post an illustration today, so I wanted to take another chance to promote the artwork and illustrations of the late Mike Wieringo. Mike was my favorite artist; my introduction to his work was during his ground-breaking run on Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four title. He worked on that and many other titles including Spider-man and Flash for D.C. I can't rave enough about his illustrative and story-telling style. He was considered a master in his field and I've never read a bad comment about him from those who knew, met, or worked with him.

Please take time to check out his work. He had a creator-owned series called Tellos that he was especially affectionate towards, in addition to his run on some of the mainstream comic titles. He also did freelance illustration work. It was a sad and tragic day when he died at such a young age, but his art is still admired and appreciated, and friends are still building memorials to his legacy (see the recent Spider-man Family title by Mark Waid, Todd Dezago, Karl Kesel). Mike Wieringo's art was inspiring!

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