Friday, February 22, 2008


This week's submission for Illustration is for the topic: Multiple. This is a cartoon I drew about seven years ago(How can it possibly be that long ago!?) but never inked. I touched it up and inked it digitally as quickly as possible for my submission. Multiple, as in multiple children. How many parents would love to buy a box of Instant Patience if they could? How much could the manufacturer charge for such an incredible product? I especially like the fact that the "sweet little girl" is reaching for the sugar and spice! It was a detail I didn't even remember until I started inking the drawing.


Unknown said...

Fun and oh so true. Love this interpretation of multiple.

Ruinedworld said...

Thank you for your comments on my illustration Friday piece…. As for what program I use… It is mainly illustrator all the way… I do most of my sketch work in Photoshop, on a Wacom Intuos tablet… and then do all the “inking” and color in illustrator… I am not too familiar with ArtRage. Illustrator just takes some practice, and work to bring out the look and style you are trying to pull off… The biggest suggestion I can give someone that’s just starting illustrator... Never use auto trace... It might seem like it’s the faster way to ink stuff, especially if you are more comfortable inking outside the program and then scanning it in… but its really just messy and is really hard to build on and change in the future…. Best way to learn illustrator is to hand render everything... over and over and over again.. Fun right? Hehe  :)