Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tree Lovers Unite!

Trying out a different medium. I think I would enjoy painting more if I had the patience for it. In some ways, Art Rage takes away the need for patience. No more waiting for paint to dry ( layers are our friends). And the paint eraser is a wonderful tool. Along with it, this was all done with paintbrushes and a palette knife. I really enjoyed painting this simple scene, I like the colors, and I think it ended up having some nice dimension to it. I'm considering using it as a backdrop for some characters in a children's book. If you're having nice weather where you are, go out and enjoy some real tree scenery today. Take your sketchbook with you!

1 comment:

Lisa Rivas said...

Your subtle color palette is very serene... those are the greens of spring. Trees are my favorite, they give such a sense of love and security. Thanks for the beautiful tree!