Friday, December 5, 2008

Shaky and Slow

Just for kicks, a turtle on a whim. It's fun (while simultaneously frustrating) to go back to older programs and see what can be accomplished. How spoiled we are with all our new programs and digital painting palettes!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thumbnail for new book

I'm working on a book that will feature several characters I've been developing for about three years. After finally deciding the format they will appear in, I've started doing thumbnail sketches and layouts to put the book together. "Thumbnail" is an appropriate term: this sketch of the first two pages is the size of two postage stamps placed side-by-side. Avoiding detail too early in the process allows an artist to experiment with all the possibilities before committing to the final artwork on expensive paper.
I've really had to study and learn from other books in the marketplace to get an idea of the potential visual impact this kind of book can have. Merging several mediums and formats presents a challenge, but it also opens new possibilities. I'm excited to see this project starting to develop into something more than endless character sketches and poses! I hope to post more artwork as it progresses, and I think it will be interesting to see how the final work matches up to these early sketches.

Old School

A roller mouse and MS Paint (old school) equals a very shaky drawing. So I made this guy old school, too, with his 7o's hair and mustache. What do you think of when you see him?
a) Car salesman
b) Insurance salesman
c) Con man
d) All of the above
I'll be back to the ArtRage program soon, and regain my control.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Artworking with Limited Resources

I am posting from a secret location where I have no art programs, digital drawing tools, etc. But I still wanted to post a picture and give it some variety. This is a sketch that I uploaded and colored using Microsoft Office Picture Manager! By adjusting the hue and saturation of my original sketch, I added some variety (which I hear is the spice of life) and created a tile drawing. It only took a few minutes, and all I used was a pencil, MS Picture Manager, and MS Word.

I usually hesitate to post things until I can get them exactly as I want them, which now leads to months between posts. I'd rather produce something on a more regular basis even if it's limited in its scope.