Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ramone Cologne's First Comic Con Appearance

The first annual Kokomo Con was a good time, and I met some great new people. And they met Ramone for the first time! It was nice to see other creators' works as well, and Ramone's table was right next to a young lady who did a couple of amazing paintings during the convention. You can visit Ashleigh Noelle's page here: Her portfolio isn't online yet, but she's working on updating it soon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Skunkified - Ramone Cologne Style

The Kokomo Con is this Saturday and I've been working on mini-painting collector cards for the convention. "Iconic Characters - Skunkified" is the theme I'm working with, and I've discovered that almost any character can be turned into a skunk, with fun results. Here's one example. If you're at the convention be sure and stop by the Ramone Cologne table and pick up skunk-versions of your favorite characters. There are plenty of surprises and custom paintings available. See you there!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

KickStarting Ramone Cologne Comic, Issue 1

The creative folks over at have approved Ramone's proposal to share his biography with the world. If the pledge goal is reached, Ramone Cologne, Issue 1 - A Skunk's Tale, will be published, and skunks will get some much-needed respect.

In the process, you can get cool rewards for your pledges, including having your name in the comic, a character named after you in the Ramone comic strip, and exclusive paintings and pages. Check out the Ramone project site at:
Even if you're unable to make a pledge, you can see some of the finished pages at the site. Stay tuned as every day brings Ramone closer to his goal. Thanks!

Ramone Cologne @ KokomoCon 2010

This month, Ramone Cologne will appear at his first convention, the Kokomo Con in Indiana! If you're attending the convention, be sure and stop by the Ramone table for comic strip collections, original paintings and sketches, not just of Ramone, but some of your other favorite characters, too. The big event is Saturday, October 23. See you there.