Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ramone Cologne's First Comic Con Appearance

The first annual Kokomo Con was a good time, and I met some great new people. And they met Ramone for the first time! It was nice to see other creators' works as well, and Ramone's table was right next to a young lady who did a couple of amazing paintings during the convention. You can visit Ashleigh Noelle's page here: Her portfolio isn't online yet, but she's working on updating it soon.

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Ashleigh Noelle said...

Hey there Rick! It's Ash from Kokomo-Con and thanks for the plug! Had a great time talking with you during our down times and I absolutely love the comic!

I sure hope you keep it up and maybe we should team up at a few of the cons next year to offset cost. Who knows, maybe watercolor and acrylic is exactly what this biz needs ;)