Monday, January 3, 2011

Ramone Cologne, Year Two

2010 was an amazing first year for Ramone! Thanks to all of the new fans that joined in the adventure. In Ramone's first year, he appeared at the 10th Annual SkunkFest, the 30th Annual Mid-Ohio Con and the Kokomo Con. The first Ramone comic strip appeared online in May 2010, with new strips appearing daily through July! In August, work on the first issue of the Ramone Cologne comic book began. The comic was completed in October and publication was funded by fans through the Kickstarter project in November!

The first issue, "A Skunk's Tale" is now available for order at:

The first comic strip collection issue, "This Skunk, This Hamster!" was published last year and is now available for order at:

Woohoo! What a year! So, how do we top all of that in 2011?
First of all, time to get back on schedule for the comic strip. The first strip of the New Year is already posted at: Harry has some interesting resolutions...

Ramone Cologne, Issue 2, "Skunklock Holmes" is in the works. And an educational book featuring Ramone will be out this year! Ramone is already signed up to appear at a couple of conventions, including the Summit City Con in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Ramone's looking forward to a fresh start in 2011 and to having an entire year to get some love and respect. Come along for the adventure, part 2!

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