Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Derby City Comic Con 2011

The first Derby City Comic Con was held on Saturday, July 16, in Louisville, KY. This happens to be in my neck of the woods, so I loaded up Ramone and his books and headed to the big city.

The organizers put together an excellent convention, and it was hard to believe this was their first time running the show. Attendance was much higher than expected, and I stayed busy meeting new people, expanding Ramone's fan base, and drawing/painting until closing time. One thing I noticed was the high number of kids and families at the convention. This was definitely a family-friendly event and I enjoyed seeing new kids getting introduced to comics and new characters.

I introduced my new "Vertically Challenged" paintings at the show and they were a hit. I enjoyed getting commissions and requests for more of these, and coming up with new ways to present the characters vertically.

The free DCCC sketch cards provided by the Con was a great idea, I also had fans come to the table with the autograph pages from the program - another good way to interact with attendees. Most of all, I appreciate the hard work that Eric Bannister and his crew put into the convention. They did tons of advertising, and I saw all kinds of coverage for the event.

I've heard some good reports from other artists, and they mirror my experience - the show was great, it was a good and steady day of sales, and we're looking forward to the next Derby City Comic Con!

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