Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kokomo Con 2012 Review and Recap!

Kokomo Con has made great progress in three short years! I attended the first year, and while that premiere was a commendable start for a new convention, this year really demonstrated the efforts, promotions, and creativity of Shawn Hilton and the KC Crew! Besides an awesome variety of comic book creators (artists and writers,) there were also steampunk builders, wood-burners, sculptors, costumers, gamers, Whovians, and lots of kids! It was a steady day of visitors roaming the convention floor and I stayed busy painting commissions, signing Ramone Cologne books, and meeting new fans. Kokomo Con 2012 now goes in the books as one of my best conventions in the last three years.
Some of the highlights of the show included the door prize give-aways throughout the day that encouraged fans to seek out certain booths and purchase items from those creators. The Creator's Crawl encouraged more interaction between fans and creators, and the Charity Auction raised $500 for the local humane society, a cause Ramone really believes in.
Personally, this was a big day for my "Vertically Challenged" paintings, and I got some really great commissions and requests for paintings I hadn't done before.

 The Who North America booth really added a big attraction to the show, and I was glad to pick up a few things there to take home with me, as well as meet the friendly and supportive owners. They have some great events in Indianapolis that I hope to attend in the future.
Thanks to everyone that stopped by my table and picked up a "Vertically Challenged" painting/print or a copy of the Ramone Cologne books! Thanks to Shawn and Co. for their work throughout the year promoting and preparing the event. I have seen Shawn at various conventions promoting the Kokomo Con and I know he works to recruit great talent and plan fun events. He succeeded. I cannot wait to return to Kokomo for the 2013 show!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

KOKOMO CON 2012, Charity Auction

One of the really cool events scheduled for this Saturday at the Kokomo Con is the Charity Auction, where original art, script-writing services, and more items will be auctioned off to raise money for the Humane Society. Obviously, as someone who writes a comic book and comic strip about abandoned pets at an animal shelter, the Humane Society is an organization I fully support.

So here's my contribution to the upcoming auction: Ben Grimm, of the Fantastic Four, ink and watercolor on 11x17 bristol. This Marvel character may be one of the heroes I've drawn most frequently through the years; he's one of my favorite literary characters, and easily my favorite superhero. As a teenager I hoped to someday draw an issue of the Fantastic Four comic book.

I'm looking forward to seeing the other donations to the auction!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Kokomo Con 2012: Return of the Skunk

Ramone returns to the Kokomo Con in two weeks. This is the 3rd year of the annual convention, and Ramone's 2nd appearance. The Kokomo Con was the first convention appearance I made with Ramone Cologne! I'm looking forward to reuniting with artists I met there the first year, seeing their new projects, and sharing the new Ramone books with new fans. When I visited the Kokomo Con the first time, I only had one book published: the collection of Ramone comic strips. Since then, two more comic books have been published, with a third on the way. I'll have issues 1 & 2, "A Skunk's Tale" and "Skunklock Holmes" available at the convention. Also, visit my table for custom paintings, including the popular "Vertically Challenged" artwork series.