Friday, November 2, 2012

PoetBeck: Inspiration from My Wife

This past July my wife, poet and author Becki McGee, received the exciting news that her book, Fertility Rites, was being published by Finishing Line Press! This big moment was a result of Becki's years of hard work and dedication to her writing craft. When we first met 17 years ago, our first conversation stemmed from our mutual love for writing. In that moment of foreshadowing, Becki shared one of her books of poetry with me, and we have continued to share our love for writing ever since.
Becki poured her heart and energy into this book project and I'm not just speaking as a proud husband when I say Fertility Rites is some of the most powerful poetry and writing you will read. You and possibly several people you know have most likely experienced the pains and emotions Becki pens in this book, and you will be doing yourself and your friends a great service by getting a copy. For those who might still be going through the pain of a loss, this book will definitely help with the healing and recovery process. It puts in words feelings that very few people know how to express verbally or in writing. I hope you'll check out Becki's new book, available for preorder now at the Finishing Line Press website: