Monday, September 30, 2013

Kokomo Con 2013

Kokomo Con, October 19, 2013

Kokomo Con was the first convention I attended as a comic book artist. It was the 2010 Con and I was promoting Ramone Cologne for the first time. The show has improved every year, growing in size, and becoming one of my favorite conventions. The show organizers come up with great ways to encourage attendees to check out every table and seek out new artists.

There are many great artists and writers in attendance. Last year, one of the highlight creations was Orc Girl by Paul Allor. Customers who ordered advance copies of the book got a chance to win original artwork randomly inserted in the books. I won an original watercolor of Orc Girl with my copy. I'd love to see a sequel to the book this year. For other creators in the line-up visit:

See you there on OCTOBER 19! I'll have copies of Ramone Cologne issues 1, 2, and the Anniversary Edition for sale. And of course I'll have a huge display of "Vertically Challenged Artwork" originals and prints available. Email me in advance if you'd like a commission delivered at the start of the show.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Superhero 5K for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)

This weekend was the fundraising 5K for the CASA organization. CASA Volunteers make sure that abused and neglected children are represented in court cases, and they are truly superheroes. The race was hosted in Lexington, Kentucky and approximately 500 runners showed up to run the race, in addition to many spectators who cheered the runners on. Many runners were in costume, and I joined in with that group. I ran as Captain America with my trusty shield. It was a fun time, and there were activities before and after the race. I took home the 2nd Place prize for Best Traditional Hero Costume. I won some free meals from local restaurants, a big bag of Starbucks Coffee, and comic books!

Thanks to everyone who donated to my fundraising page for the event! So far, over $3,000 has been raised by all the runners/ fundraisers! Also, thanks to the many organizations that donated prizes for costume contests and race winners! There were a great number of sponsors, and some awesome prizes and trophies.

It you're not familiar with CASA, please check out their website and see how you can get involved with their efforts.

The Lexington Herald reported on the race and their article and photo gallery are linked below. The photo pictured is courtesy of the Lexington Herald, taken by photographer Matt Goins.

Donations can still be made for the event fundraiser here:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ramone Cologne! Three Years and the Journey Continues...

Celebrating Three Years of Ramone Cologne today! Thanks to all the readers and fans who have been with Ramone since the first comic strip launched on May 9, 2010. Thanks to all the new readers who have joined Ramone's journey along the way. The first Ramone strip was called "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" and Ramone has certainly received that respect from fans around the country, and even in other parts of the world. It has been an amazing time and I've enjoyed it all. 

A few days ago I was at a comic book event, painting and sketching for a line of kids. I was getting all kinds of requests for superheroes and video game characters, when the next young man in line asked for a sketch of Ramone Cologne. He said he read every Ramone story that came out and was a big fan. It made my day to see Ramone in the line-up of requests with characters like Spider-Man and Archie Andrews. And it showed me how far the little skunk has made it in his quest for respect.

This cover is from the FREE special edition 3rd anniversary story available to read online here:
Ramone Cologne: Seeking Treasure Free Online

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Free Comic Book Day Superhero Team-Up!

For this year's Free Comic Book Day, on May 4, I teamed up with the local Library and Spider-Man! Together we helped introduce kids and new readers to comic books. The library's event offered a large number of free comics, and I painted free pictures of superheroes and a variety of other characters. Meanwhile, Peter Parkour entertained the kids with his spider-like agility and acrobatics. We had a great time!

It was so much fun to see new readers come in throughout the event. Although some of them hadn't read comics before, I noticed them leaving with a good selection of free comics. I promoted Archaia's Mouse Guard to many new readers, and noticed that title was gone by the end of the event. Archie Comics and Top Shelf were favorites, too. Thanks to all the parents who brought their kids out for the event!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Free Comic Book Day Event, Saturday May 4, Madison County Library (Richmond)

I'll be signing books, and painting FREE comic-themed paintings this Saturday at the Richmond Library starting at 10 a.m. Stop by and pick up some free comics, and see the Library's excellent collection of graphic novels that are always free to check out with your library card!

If all goes as planned, there will also be a new Ramone Cologne comic book available for FREE, to celebrate the day's festivities. This will be an exclusive book never published before, featuring a new story and characters. Watch for more updates here!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ramone Cologne, Issue #2, Interior Preview Artwork

A few sample pages from issue #2 of Ramone Cologne. The porcupine henchmen are introduced here and a high-speed chase ensues! I love the phrase, "Aggghh! Angry skunk on the loose!"

These pages gave Ramone a chance to show off his agility a little more than the first issue. And Daze the Dragon, a character from an old comic strip of mine, makes his debut as a co-star in Ramone's world.

Introducing Kids to Books and Creativity

I just scheduled my next book signing for my new children's book, Eleven Chickens in a Boat. I'll be at the Madison County Library in Richmond. I love these events for many reasons, but one big reason is because of the opportunity they provide to introduce kids to comics, books, and art. An amazing teacher changed my life when I was in second grade by helping me develop a love for reading and creative writing. I want to do this for as many kids as possible.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Lexington Comic and Toy Con 2013

The 2nd Annual Lex Con accomplished something amazing in its second year: It brought a high-caliber, well-attended convention to Kentucky and the surrounding region. With an estimated attendance of 10,000 over two days, the popular convention has cemented its place in Lexington as an ongoing event offering fans something that, just two years ago, would have required a road trip to Chicago or Cincinnati or other larger cities. All the money saved on gas and traveling expenses could be spent on treasures at the convention!

For my part, I enjoyed the Lexington Comic Con immensely. It was one of the busiest conventions I've worked, and I didn't leave my table until the end of the day on Saturday, when the show ended for the day at 6 p.m. From start to finish, I met a lot of fans, painted Vertically Challenged commissions, sold prints of my artwork, and told newcomers about Ramone Cologne and his comic book series. You can check out photos from my perspective of Lex Con here:

I think the Lex Con crew has created an event that has a solid future in a region that was sadly lacking this type of convention. Lexington has some strong comic book stores, great fans and creators, and now it has its own convention to bring it all together. I'm looking forward to Lex Con 2014.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Next Convention Appearance: Lexington Comic Con, March 16-17, 2013

My next convention appearance with Ramone Cologne is scheduled for the 2nd annual Lexington Comic Con. There's an excellent roster of creative talent at this two-day convention and I'm looking forward to meeting new artists and writers.
Reviews from last year's LexCon raved about how great this show was, and with an extra day and many more creators added, I'm expecting a great time.

The next issue of Ramone Cologne is in the works, and if there's any way at all to have it ready in time for the LexCon, I will make it happen. Issues 1 and 2 sold out at my last convention appearance, but I'll have another print run ready for the show.