Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ramone Cologne, Issue #2, Interior Preview Artwork

A few sample pages from issue #2 of Ramone Cologne. The porcupine henchmen are introduced here and a high-speed chase ensues! I love the phrase, "Aggghh! Angry skunk on the loose!"

These pages gave Ramone a chance to show off his agility a little more than the first issue. And Daze the Dragon, a character from an old comic strip of mine, makes his debut as a co-star in Ramone's world.

Introducing Kids to Books and Creativity

I just scheduled my next book signing for my new children's book, Eleven Chickens in a Boat. I'll be at the Madison County Library in Richmond. I love these events for many reasons, but one big reason is because of the opportunity they provide to introduce kids to comics, books, and art. An amazing teacher changed my life when I was in second grade by helping me develop a love for reading and creative writing. I want to do this for as many kids as possible.