Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Free Comic Book Day Superhero Team-Up!

For this year's Free Comic Book Day, on May 4, I teamed up with the local Library and Spider-Man! Together we helped introduce kids and new readers to comic books. The library's event offered a large number of free comics, and I painted free pictures of superheroes and a variety of other characters. Meanwhile, Peter Parkour entertained the kids with his spider-like agility and acrobatics. We had a great time!

It was so much fun to see new readers come in throughout the event. Although some of them hadn't read comics before, I noticed them leaving with a good selection of free comics. I promoted Archaia's Mouse Guard to many new readers, and noticed that title was gone by the end of the event. Archie Comics and Top Shelf were favorites, too. Thanks to all the parents who brought their kids out for the event!

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