Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Remembering Stan Goldberg

I was sad to hear of the passing of comics legend Stan Goldberg on Sunday. I was honored to meet Stan about three years ago at a comic convention, where he drew some original Jughead and Betty artwork for me and shared some great stories about his early days with Marvel Comics (Timely and Atlas back in the day). Stan was highly entertaining and humorous as he reminisced about the original Marvel Bullpen, and he gave me some great advice on continuing in the comics and illustration fields. Below is the original post from my meeting with Stan, and there's a good tribute to him over at Comic Book

About a year ago, I posted my Influence Map, an idea I got from artist Cedric Hohnstadt. It shows the artists that have inspired and influenced me. Today, at the Cincinnati Comics Expo, I got to meet one of the greats from my map: Legendary Artist Stan Goldberg. Stan's influence on me came through his 41 years of work with Archie Comics. But he has worked with many others, including Timely Comics (Marvel before they were Marvel). I got a couple of drawings from Stan and enjoyed his stories as he drew, including some great advice to me as an artist. He was a pleasure to meet!
Left: Sketch of Jughead Jones.